Amazing Genuine Famous Medieval Castles

There are various kinds of palaces which you can find in numerous historical locations and if you consider all these places , you may found these places as the most prominent ones. There are different stories behind these different palaces. In the ancient duration these various castles utilized to be among the most popular locations and there were the history and stories of monarchy in these various locations. You can discover different modern innovations in these palaces.

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1-The Potala Palace: Tibet's greatest monumental structure

2-Mont Saint-Michel: a Medieval Castle on a Small Island

3-Predjamski Castle: Integrated in a Cave

4-Neuschwanstein Castle: the Classic Fairytale's Castle

5-Matsumoto Castle: Japan's most fascinating castle

6-Hunyad Castle: were Dracula was held prisoner

7-Malbork Castle: World's Largest Brick Gothic Castle

8-Palacio da Pena: Oldest Palace inspired by European Romanticism

9-Löwenburg Castle: The Disneyland of the 18th century

10-Prague Castle: World's Largest Ancient Castle