Amazing Great Smiley Face Toaster


Modern housewives love toasters for different reasons and will be astonished to see the list here. Some amazing designs of toasters are listed here which are really incredible as seen in the images. Among many types of toasters shown here, the " Note pad toaster" appears to be extremely appealing for the audiences.

Developed and produced by Sasha Tseng, this innovative toaster integrates a little message board, from where one can read some fast notes. The concept of 'read while you consume' is well displayed in this imaginative gadget , as brief messages also get toasted into the toast itself, which will inspire the readers while eating hours. So look out for hello kitty smiley face immediately. If you are trying to check for clear toasters, you have come on the appropriate page.Via: oddee

1-Star Wars Toaster

2-Notepad Toaster

3-Hello Kitty Toaster

4-Portable Toaster

5-Catapult Toaster

6-Pop Art Toaster

7-Transparent Toaster Concept

8-Nahamer Toaster

9-Roller Toaster

10-Lego Toaster

11-Radio Toaster


12-Toaster Teapot

13-Triplo Toaster