Amazing Special Sad Bullying Stories

When her boy was bullied in school and school administrators fail to take action , Chelisa Grimes has sent her kid to the school with a stun gun for self-protection. He has actually utilized the gun through the air and did not damage anybody. A New york city based bus monitor had actually horrible experienced unrelenting bullying from four middle school students .

Later she has received more than $700,000 which was raised by a Canadian male who was moved by her story. Like these many stories with fantastic incidents are noted here which are hilarious as well as spectacular to the very first time readers. So start checking out a bully story today. If you are trying to search for famous bullying stories, you have actually land on the appropriate oddee

1-The mother who sent her bullied kid to school with gun

2-The teenager who shot himself in high school in front of classmates while dressed as the Batman villain Two Face

3-The bus monitor who was bullied by students and later received more than $700,000 on donations

4-The girl who hanged herself after being bullied for being pretty

5-The bullied teen who was saved by the kindness of the town after a cruel prank

6-The mother who was arrested for choking the boy who bullied her daughter

7-The brothers who were bullied and beaten for having full-grown breasts and later received free surgery from a hospital

8-The gym teacher who joined students in bullying a 13 year-old boy