Extremely One-Of-A-Kind Biggest Water Slides In America

Some of the coolest slides around the world are noted here for the worldwide travelers. Amongst subworld, coolest slides, the popular one in situated at the Wild Wadi Water Park is considered to be amongst the top 10 Dubai destinations. Having its place , in Jumeirah which is extremely close to the Burj Al Arab this terrific slide is considered to be the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside the United States. The slide increases to 110 feet with riders getting accelerate tp 50mph and provides incredible experience to the riders, who can enjoy the trip in all parts of the year. So start looking for tallest waterslide in canada today. If you are finding for atlantis water slide, you have stay on the outstanding website.more info: Oddee

1-Jumeirah Sceirah at the Wild Wadi Waterpark (UAE)

2-Slide Inside an Airport (Singapore)

3-Slide Inside a Mall (Canada)

4-Frozen Slide at Disney's Blizzard Beach (US)

5-World's Most Extreme Slide (Brazil)

6-Leap of Faith Waterslide (Dubai)

7-Japan's Tallest Slide (Japan)


8-Slide Staircase (England)