Extremely One-Of-A-Kind Insid Titanic

Australian business person Clive Palmer is determined given that 2012 to have Titanic II, a reproduction of Titanic I with numerous improvements.Titanic I sank in the ocean pitiably some 106 years ago. Delayed a little bit, the maiden launch of the brand-new ship is set up to take location from Jiangsu in Eastern China to Dubai quicker. Main improvements in Titanic II consiquicker.t current evacuation methods , digital navigation, radar systems, satellite control and all functions of a 21st century ship. For instance, the ship will have 2,700 life boat capability for its 2,435 member crew , Cafe Parisien for First Class travelers , smoking-cum-relaxing room just like London gentlemen's club, fresh water swimming pool and lots of others.

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Grand staircase

Historically, the grand staircase was reserved for first-class passengers

Café Parisien

Built to look like a sidewalk cafe in France, the Café Parisien was also reserved for first class passengers

The Smoking Room, resembling a London gentlemen’s club, was a place for men to relax

The pool

On the original ship, the pool was filled with salt water after the ship had set sail

Marconi room, where “state of the art” technology allowed passengers to send messages

First class stateroom


The first class dining saloon

The first class dining room spanned the entire width of the ship

Second class cabins

Turkish bath, similar to a sauna

The bridge


Third class dining saloon, where passengers ate communally

The dining room’s menu changed daily

The original Titanic

Titanic II

Watch a video about the new ship below: