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When it comes to hiding the eyesores in your house - the old, but unavoidable, usable and discolored short articles unavoidable,ieve the same by making use of the available space , and embracing some gimmicks through affordable ways . Innovations for this consist of making wall-mounted book racks; and putting drawers under staircases and in actions. Concealing big short articles with decorative and useful drapes; and shaking off the undesirable products assist in this. Keeping electronic gizmos in boxes; leading wires through special channels; and keeping pets ' lunch in separate drawers are the other methods. Concealing your Air Conditioner with a to-do-list; decorating power switches with ' conserve power' slogans , and so forth are the other methods improving the interior.

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1. Install drawers under the stairwell

2. Hide your ugly router in a nice box

3. Turn Your Cords Into Bob Marley’s Hair

4. Keep your pets’ lunch out of the way with a drawer just for them

5. Use invisible book shelves

6. Turn your headphones’ wires into electrical towers

7. Hide your jewellery with a painting

8. Turn your router into an old book

9. Hide your AC behind a useful to-do-list chalkboard

10. Turn your power chords into pretty vines

11. Hide your power chords behind a neat picket fence

12. Install stairs that double as drawers

13. Use tape to jazz up your laundry machine and drier

14. Decorate power switches with stickers that’ll remind your kids to save energy

15. Use a desk curtain to keep wires out of sight

16. Hide alarms, thermostats or pool controls with art

17. Hide water pipes in your garden with fake rock domes