Highly fantastic good product ideas for school

Ever thought how it would be if the daily objects you see and utilize gave themselves a transformation and changed the method they are? Well, that is what Sebastian Errazuriz from Chile (though he resides in New York City now) precisely does! The link given here shows a few of his ingenious makeovers to daily things, and the fascinating look he provides. From a mile-long tie to an umbrella that doubles up as a golf club, he makes things which will seriously challenge the way you consider your personal belongings. See on your own some of the little wonders that this skilled artist has actually produced.

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Bear Fur

Hanging Tie

Lego Motorcycle Helmet

Knuckle Belt

Off The Course Umbrella

Do It Right or Clean Suicide Helmet

Shoes From Recycled Soccer Balls

Buckle Belt

Granny Lamp

The Duck Lamp

Converse Pants


The Boat Coffin

Glove Dress

Bicycle Bench

Zipper Dress