Highly remarkable disney girl cartoon

Makeup artist Saraswati from Malaysia can dress up herself as any character from Disney. A mom of two who has actually mastered the art of painting face can also creatively use hijabs to entirely appear like a Disney Princess. In Instagram, her name is Queen of Luna and with nearly 47k, fans this crazy gifted artist declares herself "Disnerd" and "comic geek". Some of her works are given listed below where she has actually dressed up like Princess Jasmine, Mulan, Cruella de Vil, Pochahontas as well as Zafar. Click this link and view some of her other works.

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#1 Princess Jasmine

#2 Mulan

#3 Cruella de Vil

#4 Pocahontas

#5 Jafar

#6 Tinker Bell

#7 Cheshire Cat

#8 Alice

#9 Ariel

#10 Belle

#11 Ursula

#12 Red Queen