Highly special strange online stores

Are you a shopaholic? Then the page will be a great trait to try to find as the link holds some of the most interesting shops of the world and the stores will tell you how shopping can be a crazy trait for you. The link consists of more or less 10 locations of the world that possess the information of stores beginning form strippers' club to containers' shop. Go one checking out the page and have fun. The page has truly a few of the most in fun.ting functions the netizens will love to dig for. So look into the unusual shop you always wanted. If you are trying to search for fetish shops, you have actually land on the outstanding lading page.more info: Oddee

1-Strippers World – a shop dedicated to the stripping business

2-Deyrolle – the creepiest taxidermy shop in Paris

3-Muara Kuin Floating Market – a market where you shop by boat

4-Witch's Market – where you can buy the weirdest kinds of amulets

5-Lomé Voodoo Market – a market to buy elephants' feet and leopards' heads

6-Freitag's Container Shop – a shop made out of recycled containers

7-The Old Umbrella Shop – the cutest place to buy an umbrella

8-Rope – a Japanese schoolgirl-fetish shop

9-Gypsy Brides Market – a market where you can get yourself a wife

10-Ka Firushi Bird market – Kabul's bird bazaar