Pretty perfect german themed tattoos

Born in Iran, Iranian-German artist Mo Ganji's understanding is that he can "add " and " include" rather than using limited tools to draw something little. Simply puts, it indicates that he can draw Incredibles,too using one single continuous line, which by the way shows his philosophy of life. His former fashion business career , according to him, was not satisfactory as its worths were not to his taste, though numerous others have today a safe life and earnings, offering their freedom and beliefs. For Mo Ganji, tattooing, painting and drawing give inner peace and satisfaction . Some notable one- line tattooing works include a bird, and tree on a shoulder; world map; animals and birds.

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“When it comes to life, I appreciate the simple things”

“Anyone can add and add and add. It gets very interesting when you have a limited range of tools to work with”

“Creating something simple is way more challenging to me than creating something complex”

“Before I started tattooing, I worked as a manager in the high-volume fashion industry for global companies”

“I traveled a lot, and I’ve seen where the clothing comes from”

“It took some years to realize what we are doing to those people on the other side on the world”

“And once you realize it, there are two ways of dealing with it. Either you care, or you don’t”

“The reason I started tattooing is because I do care”

“My [former] career was based on values I don’t believe in”

“A lot of people are in a similar situation, but nowadays…”