Pretty special famous alaskan people

The list of stories of individuals who have avoided civilization for several years is provided here as they make us think the astounding that has happened in recent times. Whether identified to live off from the contemporary world, or disillusioned with society, or merely out of contact with the outdoors world, these people all voluntarily resided in seclusion for decades . Among such lots of stories, it is heartening to hear a Vietnamese father and boy. These guys who ran away war are found 40 years later on, till in the year 2013. Some employees have determined these people while they have dressed in loin clothing from the tree bark. So search for alone in the wilderness free you always wanted. If you're trying to check for how to live off the grid in alaska, you have come on the amazing page.more info: Oddee

1-Vietnamese Father and Son Who Fled War are Discovered 40 Years Later

2-Man Hides in the Maine Woods for 27 Years

3-Russian Family Hid in the Siberian Woods for 40 Years


4-A Japanese Soldier Refused to Believe that the War was Over

11 Mar 1974 --- World War II Japanese straggler Lt. Hiroo Onada surrenders his sword hereon March 10, 1974, to Major General Jose L. Rancudo the Philippine Air Force Chief at Government radar site on Lubang Island. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

5-The Last of His Tribe, a Man Lives Alone in the Brazilian Rainforest

6-Man Happily Spends 30 Years Alone in a Remote Alaskan Cabin

7-The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island

8-Solo Explorer Disappears After Spending Five Years Alone

9-Christopher McCandless Goes Into The Wild

10-Woman Committed to Living "Off The Grid" Lives in a “Hobbit House”