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Tattoos behind or on ears can completely balance boldness in addition to subtlety for people wanting it. Ear tattoos can look extremely cool as the location behind ears is the erogenous zone. One has to be careful with the reality that tattoos on cartilages easily fade as well get blurred quickly which can lead to cartilage infections. So one has to remember for getting ear tattoos is getting them from expert ones as some amateur can both mess up the fun in addition to damage you. Have a look at these gorgeous designs and get prepared for being surprised by some of them.So start searching for tattoos for ears today. If you're searching for ear tattoos, you have actually landed on the right page.via: boredpanda

#1 Peter Pan Tattoo

#2 Behind Ear Tattoo

#3 Waldo Ear Tattoo

#4 Ear Tattoo

#5 Ear Tattoo