Very Special Eye Deformities

People who search this link need to believe their own eyes to see a few of these seven incredible genetic accidents, which were recorded and shared as images in this link. One can not picture the outraging genetic defect that led to a birth of a boy child who resembles a huge frog in Nepal. One can also see a thirteen-inch tailed man in India, who has actually become things of dedication as Lord Hanuman appears in him.

One can see the largest hand of the mankind, which is known to be a rare condition of macrodactyly. Nevertheless, it was sad that a few of these infants have lived very quickly. So start searching for anencephaly pics you always wanted. If you're searching for babies with tails, you have to stay on the awesome web page.via:  Oddee

1-Frog-like Baby (unidentified baby - Nepal)

2-13-inch Tailed Man (Chandre Oram - India)

3-Cyclop Baby (unidentified baby - India)

4-World's Largest Hand (Lui Hua - China)

5-Feet facing backwards (Wang Fang - China)

6-Baby with Three Arms (Liu Junjie - China)

7-Nipple on the foot (unidentified 22-year-old woman - Brazil)