Very perfect smallest baby

Animal fans will enjoy the contents that are shared here. It has actually been reported that world's tiniest deer species born in NYC zoo weighs only 1 pound. A tiny male deer fawn weighing just 1lb only and measuring 6 by 6 in was born on May 12 at Queens Zoo, New York City. Padu is thought about to be the world's tiniest deer species and the Zoo now has 3 on the zoom screen. screen.the plastic small animal is still nursing and will soon be consuming leaves, grain, kale, carrots, and hay as per the zoo authorities. A few of the charming images are shared here. So take a look at queens zoo new york you may need. If you're browsing for the tiniest baby in the world, you have actually come on the appropriate blog post.via: Boredpanda

This baby deer was born at the same zoo a month earlier:

Video of a 5-day-old Pudu fawn born a few years ago at Detroit Zoo