Very superb music for painting

Synesthesia is an experience where the hearing of a specific noise induces visualization of a specific color. When author Melissa McCracken, being a synethetesynesthete music, that is equated into a lot of texture and colors. According to him, though synesthesia does not cause confusion, sometimes it lands him in trouble making it tough for him to translate what he hears. Whether it is a name or a tune heard on a radio, converting it into painting in oils and acrylics is one finest method to give expression to and show the attractive colors, daily. His has a routine of covering all artists right from Led Zeppelin to Stevie Marvel for this purpose .

So start looking for seeing music you always needed. If you are trying to check for artists who draw music, you have actually stay on the ideal web page.via: Boredpanda

Radiohead – Lucky

David Bowie – Life On Mars?

John Lenon – Imagine

Prince – Joy In Repetition

Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing